Baney Bicycles

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Located near the Shawnee National Forest, Rend Lake Reservoir and Crab Orchard Lake in Southern Illinois.

Partnered with American Bicycle Group - Chatanooga, TN, each of our bikes are custom made and designed for a lifetime of enjoyment.

We carry a variety of Titanium bicycles to accommodate any adventure. Each order is custom made for you based on your personal taste, personality, biking needs and budget.

Service Includes Estimated Time in Shop
Safety Checks
  • Thorough check of your bike
  • Approximately 1 hr
    Clean up and Lube
  • Clean all surfaces
  • All required Lubrications
  • Approximately 30 mins
    Brake Adjustments
  • Adjustment and Calibration of Braking System
  • Approximately 1 hr
    Seat and Handlebar Adjustments
  • Proper Seat and Handlebar Adjusments to fit rider
  • Approximately 15 mins
    Adjust Wheel Hubs
  • Calibration of all Wheel Hubs
  • Approximately 1.5 hrs
    Calibrate Gears
  • Full Calibration of All Gears
  • Approximately 1 hr
    Cable Replacement
  • Diagnosis and replacement - parts are extra
  • Approximately 20 mins
    Parts Replacement
  • Diagnosis and replacement - parts are extra
  • Varies depending on part
    Repair Bike Chain
  • Repair, adjustment and lubrication
  • Approximately 10 mins
    Tire Repair
  • Patch or tire as needed
  • Approximately 15 mins
    Other Misc Repairs
  • Free quote
  • Based on needs, will be included in quote

    All Services charged at a rate of $10 per quarter hour